Mark Callaghan



as Cal:
Sailors And Mermaids   1988   10   Produced by Mark Callaghan and David Nicholas

CD   AUS   Mercury 836 400-2

LP   AUS   Mercury 836 400-1

MC   AUS   Mercury 836 400-4


GANGgajang               lp    GANGgajang               1985
James Baker Experience   s     I Can't Control Myself   1985


The Grudge 1977-1978 Dennis Cantwell, Scott Matheson, Paul Nearhos, Alan Reilly
The Neon Steal 1978 Dennis Cantwell, Scott Matheson, Alan Reilly, Robert Vickers, Tony Wheeler
The Numbers -1979 Dennis Cantwell, Scott Matheson, Alan Reilly, Robert Vickers
The Lemons 1979 Robert Forster, Grant McLennan, Dennis Cantwell, Alan Reilly
Riptides 1979-1983,1987-1988,1991
GANGgajang 1984-1987,1992-present
The Rock Party 1986
The Stetsons 1987
Mark Callaghan and The Slim Guys 1988 Bill Heckenberg, Michael Hiron, Darien McCaffery, David Moor
The Gubbs 1989 Rick Grossman, Michael Hiron, Rob Hirst, Craig Hooper, Robbie James, Geoff Stapleton, Rick Swinn, James Valentine

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist, GANGgajang Official Homepage
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