Melbourne 1970-1973,199?



Carson County Band:
On The Highway     1970    2

Single   AUS   Rebel

Travelling South   1971    2

Single   AUS   Havoc
         AUS   Havoc (re-issue 1972)

Blown              1972

LP       AUS   Harvest/EMI

On The Air         1973

LP       AUS   Harvest/EMI

Contribution to album

The Great Australian Rock Festival Sunbury 1973   1973


Capek John (p,v) 1970 Leo and Friends, The Meating, King Harvest, Flite, Hannagan, Doug Parkinson Band, solo-single, solo-album
Capewell Mal (sax) 1972-1973 Phil Jones and The Unknown Blues, Dr Kandy's Third Eye, Dada (UK), Graham Bond's Holy Magick (UK), Levi Smith's Clefs, Company Caine, Chain, Healing Force, Mighty Mouse, Gulliver's Travels, Tinsley Waterhouse Band, Jive House
Clarke Gary (b) 1971-1973,199? Challenge (NZ), King Harvest, Living Force (NZ), Burwood Blues Band, Blue Deluxe
Ferguson Ian (b,v) 1970-1971 Tony and The Shantells, The Y?4, The Moods, The Syndicate, Island, Tank
Lawrie Greg (sl g,dobro) 1970-1973,199? Johnny Grey and The G Men, The Creeatures, The Chocolate, The Meating, Gulliver's Travels, Broderick Smith's Hired Hands, Amigos, Afrijah, The Whittle Family, Last Chance Band, Country Killed
Logan Mal (k) 1971-1973,199?
Lunt Tony (d) 1970-1973,199? Buster Brown, Alta Mira, Chain, Great Blokes
Smith Broderick (v,harm) 1971-1973,199?
Sullivan Barry (b) 1971-1973 Thursday's Children, The Wild Cherries, Chain, Flite, Pilgrimage, Mighty Mouse, Sanctuary, Renee Geyer Band, Kevin Borich Express, Mondo Rock, Cosy Connection, John Farnham Band, Mick Pealing and The Ideals, Doc Span Blues Band
Winter Ian (g) 1971-1972,1972-1973,199? The Brothers Grimm, The Five Just Men, Kite, Pigface, Daddy Cool, Willy Winter Band, De Castro, Foreday Riders, Blackfeather, John Paul Young and The All Stars, Kevin McLaughlin and The Murrimbidgee, Mondo Rock, Ray Arnott Band

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