Robin Casinader



All Of These Things   1991


Session musician

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds      cd   Let Love In                                 1994
Mick Harvey                      cd   Intoxicated Man                             1995
Acuff's Rose                     cd   Son of The North Wind                       1995
Hugo Race and The True Spirit    cd   Valley of Light                             1996
Kim Salmon and The Surrealists   cd   Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Own Thing             1997
Philippa Nihill                  cd   A Little Easy                               2000
Steve Prestwich                  cd   Since You've Been Gone                      2000
Rob Snarski and Dan Luscombe     cd   There Is Nothing Here That Belongs To You   2002


Dum Dum Fit 1978 Hugo Race
Plays With Marionettes 19?? Edward Clayton-Jones, David Last, Brian McMahon, Greg Nelson, Hugo Race, Nick Seymour, Frank Trobbiani
The Wreckery 198? Nick Barker, Edward Clayton-Jones, Brian Colechin, John Murphy, Ted O'Biegly, Hugo Race, Charles Todd
Hugo Race and The True Spirit 1988-1989,1991-199?
Dave Graney and The Coral Snakes 1991-1997
Hood 1996-

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