Sydney 1988-



Unlimited Address   1988    9   Produced by Peter Walker, Don Walker and Chris Lord-Alge

CD   AUS   Salt SALT 02 (issued 1996)

LP   AUS   WEA 255916-1

MC   AUS   WEA 255916-4

Ruby                1991    9   Produced by Peter Walker and Don Walker

CD   AUS   East West 9031-74797-2
     AUS   Salt SALT 03 (re-issue 1996)

MC   AUS   East West 9031-74796-2


Walker Don (v,k,p) 1988-

Bidstrup Buzz (d) 1989-1991
Blight David (harm) 1989-1991 Nightflyers, Flyers, The Hustlers, The Pye Dogs
Burton Paul (b) 1989-1991 Milky Bar Kids, Tombstone Shadows, Midas Touch, The Pye Dogs, The Stab, The Headhunters, Greedy's People
Cook Tony (d) 1991 The Singles
DeMarco Paul (d) 1991
Emmanuel Phil (g) 1992
Emmanuel Tommy (g) 1991
Laster Ronald (g) 1991
Owen Charlie (g) 1989-1991
Reid Andrew (g) 1989- The Spliffs, Gulliver's Travels
Tillett Louis (v) 1989
Walker Peter (g) 1988
Willoughby Bart (d) 19??

Sources of information: Divine Rites, Unofficial Don Walker Homepage, Michael Lawrence: Showtime - The Cold Chisel Story
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