Challenger 7

Sydney 1994-present



Morris                       1995    6   Produced by Challenger 7 and Greg Wales

Mini-CD   AUS   Glorious Noise Records GNR 003

The Great Slump Forward EP   1997    4   Produced by Challenger 7 and Toni Italiano

EP        AUS   Tomboy Records (red vinyl, limited numbered edition of 250)
          AUS   Tomboy Records (re-issue)

Payola                       2000   13   Produced by Michael Carpenter

CD        AUS   Tomboy Records
          ITA   Freakshow (with extra tracks and different artwork)
          JAP   1+2 Records

shared with Rollercoaster:
Payola                       1999    4

EP        FRA   Hellfire Club HFC 7005

Contribution to album

Storming The Citadel                       1998
Eternally Ours - A Tribute To The Saints   1999
I'm In Love...With That Song               1999


Bell Dan (b,bv) 1995-present Small Handgun, The Scruffs
Corey Richard (b) 1994-1995 The Kryptonics, Front End Loader
Cunningham Stewart (g,bv) 1997-present Proton Energy Pills, Asteriod B-612, Brother Brick, Yes-men
Doo Marty (d) 1995-present The Scruffs
Hitchcock Greg (g) 1995
Kostic Peter (d) 1994-1995 The Ritual, Front End Loader, The Kryptonics, The Stalkers, Regurgitator
Underwood Ian (v,g) 1994-present Puddle, Froot Loops, The Kryptonics

Sources of information: Tomboy Records, Ian Underwood
© Magnus Holmgren
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