Ronnie Charles



Katy Jane               1969    2

Single   AUS   Festival

It's Been So Long       1970    2

Single   AUS   Festival

Prestidigitation        1976

LP       AUS   20th Century

Hands Off               1983

LP       AUS   Arctic

Ronnie Charles and The Runners:
Rock And Roll Hoodlum   1980

Single   AUS   Full Moon


Bengal Tigers   s   Cheat On   1984

Session musician

Short Circuit       lp   Waiting For The Big One   1988


The Jackson Kings 1965-1966 Carl Bennett, Chas Brown, Brian Cadd, Ray Neville, Bill Turgeon
The Groop 1966-1969
Pastoral Symphony 1968
Captain Australia and The Honky Tonk 1970-1971 Brian Holloway, Graham Jones, Richard Wright, Steve Yates, Eric Cairns, Les Gough, Gary Moberley
Nova Express 1971 (temp)
Atlas (UK) 1971-1974 Les Gough, Terry Slade, Glen Turner
Ronnie Charles Band 19?? Spiro Philipas
White Light Orchestra 1986
Turbo Luv Nuns 1987-
The Groop 1989
Running Scared 1989
Post Mortem 1989 Chris Copping

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