Charlotte's Web

Perth 1986-



Big Letdown               1987    3

Single    AUS   Easter

Flies In The Face Of...   1988

LP        AUS   CW

Heart Trouble             1989

Single    AUS   Mighty Boy

Short Time Strait         1991    7   Produced by Dom Mariani

Mini-CD   AUS   dada CW001


Akers Will (b,bv) 1987 The Real Dreamers, The Triffids, The Family, The Holy Rollers, Gary Meadows Syndrome, Self Righteous Brothers, The Blackeyed Susans, costar
Bannister John (trump) 1987-1990 Northern Lights, Venus Girl Traps, The Fat
Chisholm Craig (g,bv) 1987-1988 I.D's, 3D's, The Ellen James Singers, Ill Wind, The Holy Rollers
Dear Felicity (d,bv) 1987- The Holy Rollers, Ill Wind
Haines Mandy (b) 1987-1988 Homecoming, Palisades
Hedley Chad (d) 1986-1987 Palisades, Northern Lights
Little Greta (b) 1986-1987 Northern Lights, The Rosemary Beads
Lowe Jeffrey (v,g) The Russians
Mansell Laurie (g) 1988- I Hear an Army
Rettig Mark (trump) 1990- ---
Skipworth Kym (cello) 1989-1990 ---
Smith Cathi (viola) 1991 The Rosemary Beads
Underwood Tim (g) 1986-1987 The Russians, Northern Lights, The Rosemary Beads
Wilenski Michael (b) 1988 ---
Zampogna Michael (b,p) 1988-1991 Rainyard

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