Shake It To The Right   1977    2

Single   AUS   Philips

Walking In The Rain     1978    2

Single   AUS   EMI

Deeper Than Love        1979    2

Single   AUS   Albert

Love You To The Limit   1981    2

Single   AUS   Albert

Rock and Roll Women     1981   10   Produced by Vanda/Young

CD       AUS   Albert

LP       AUS   Albert
         HOL   Epic EPC 85522 (issued 1982)

My Man                  1982    2

Single   AUS   EMI

Session musicians

Rockwell T. James   lp   Shot of Rhythm and Blues   1977


Hammond Chrissie (v) 1977-1982 Eli Flash, Air Supply
Hammond Lyndsay (v) 1977-1982 Skintight, Stevie Wright Band, Word of Honour, Lyndsay Hammond Band

Members (Studio Band 1981)

Arnott Ray (d) 1981
Karski Les (b) 1981
Miller Ian (g) 1981 Basin Street Blues Band, Langford Lever, Coloured Balls, Chetarca, Wild Beaver Band, John Paul Young and The All Stars, Flash and The Pan, All Star Band
Peel Ronnie (g) 1981
Peters Mike (k) 1981 ---

Members (Live Band Australia 1981)

Evans Mark (b) 1981 AC/DC, Finch, Contraband, Swanee, Beast, Heaven, Hellcats, The Headhunters, Rolling Clones, Party Boys, Sons Of Steel, The Tom Cats, Zoo
Evans Michael Roland (g) 1981
Fisher Martin (k,sax) 1981 Swanee, Breakers, The Little Heroes, Innocents, Dear Enemy, The Gang Bang
Lalor John (d) 1981 The Hurricanes, Dallimore, Stevie Wright Band, Back In Black, The Beast, Heaven, Swanee

Members (Live Band England 1982-1984)

Dowell Dave () Whitesnake, Midnight Flyer, Maggie Bell
Dzal Martin () The Equals
Evans Tom () Badfinger
Glyn Ant () Mike Olfield, Roger Chapman
Roche Rod () Badfinger
Sparrow Eddie () Grapefruit
West Chris ()

Sources of information: Rock Nu, Glen Goldsmith
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