The Chevelles

Perth 1989-present



Be My Friend          1990    2

Single    AUS   Zero Hour

The Kids Ain't Hip!   1991    5

Mini-LP   AUS   Zero Hour ZERO 401

The Kids Ain't Hip!   1992   10

CD        AUS   Zero Hour/Survival SUR519 CD
          AUT   Zero Hour/Survival SUR519 CD

Girl For Me           1992

EP        AUS   Survival

Gigantic              1992   10

CD        AUS   Survival SUR 526 CD

LP        AUS   Survival SUR 526

Memories              1993    4

CD-EP     AUS   Survival
          GER   Survival

In The Zero Hour      1993   13

CD        SPA   Munster MR028

Rollerball Candy      1995   15

CD        SPA   Running Circle Run007

LP        SPA   Running Circle

At Second Glance      1998

CD        AUS   Spinning Top Top009
          USA   Not Lame

Mesmerized            1998    4

EP        FRA   Hellfire Club HFC 7002

Delerium              1999   20

CD        BRA   Tronador Music TMSS03

Sunbleached           2000    5

CD-EP     AUS   Zip Records
          USA   Spinning Top Top013

Sunseeker             2002   12

CD        SPA   Bittersweet

Girl God              2002   13

CD        AUS   Zip Records
          BRA   Tronador Music TMSS15 (3 extra tracks)


Allen Adrian (g) 1991- Die Hards
Douglas Guy (d) 1989-199? The Rackett
Halley Jeff (b) 1989- Sunstones, Kryptonics
Lane Richard (v,g) 1989-1991 The Stems, Stonefish, The Rosebuds
Moon Martin (d) 1993-1994 Image, Sans P.S., Springs Into Action, Intensive Care, Room To Swing A Cat, The Marigolds, The Summer Suns, The Neptunes, Mardi Picasso, Jack and the Beanstalk, Mink, Sasquatch, DM3, The Tune Bureau, Dom Mariani's Orange, Feends, King Wasabi
Shaw David (d,perc) 199?- Reaguns, Grave Robbers, Skinny Jims, The Stems, Stonefish, The Neptunes, The Shivers, Sea Stories, The Beekeepers, The Hooley Dooleys, The Catalinas, The Boom Babies, Rollercoaster
Smith Duane (g) 1989- The Freuds, The Rubies, Rollercoaster

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