Chocolate Starfish



Seafood              1992


Chocolate Starfish   1994   12   Produced by Brian Canham

CD   AUS   EMI 8293542 (limited edition with 7-track live disc)

Box                  1995   13   Produced by Brian Canham


Contribution to album

The Spirit of Christmas 1994   1994


Danielson Darren (d,perc) 1993- Roxus, Flares, Brill, Pseudo Echo
Falvo Norman (k) 1992-1994
Harnath Craig (b) 1992 Kids In The Kitchen, Thor, The Rock Gods, Gravity
Kingman Brett (g) 1992 Adventure, Southern Lightning, Uncanny X-Men, James Reyne Band, Dead Legends, Back In Black, Gas, Daryl Braithwaite Band, Los Bajinas, The Drive, Bigger Than Jesus
Nixon John (b) 1993-
Pawsey Bruce (d) 1992 Battle Happy, Kate Ceberano and The Ministry of Fun, The Rock Dogs, Sexual Chocolate
Romich Zoran (g) 1992- Brill
Rosewarne Tim (k) 1994- Scratch Record Scratch, Red=Blue=Yellow, Bang, Big Pig, Big Choir, Flares, Crawling Kingsnakes, 21/20
Stone John (b) 1993
Thompson Adam (v) 1992-
Tomey Andrew (d) 1993

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