The Choirboys

Sydney 1979-present



The Choirboys                           1983   10   Produced by Jim Manzie

CD          AUS   Albert 465239-2

LP          AUS   Albert APLP.060

Fireworks                               1986    2

Single      AUS   Mushroom K10

Big Bad Noise                           1988   12   Produced by Peter Blyton, Brian McGee and Choirboys

CD          AUS   Mushroom D19569 (13 tracks, issued 1992)
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32051.2 (13 tracks)
            USA   WTG/CBS PK 45112 (10 tracks, issued 1989)

LP          AUS   Mushroom RML53258

MC          AUS   Mushroom

Empire                                  1989    2   Produced by Mark Gable and Alex Haas

CD-Single   AUS   Mushroom D1046

Single      AUS   Mushroom K1046 (limited edition)

Dead Drunk Live Hangovers               1991   11   Produced by Steve James

CD          AUS   Big Bad Music CHOIR1 (limited edition)

Midnight Sun                            1991   12   Produced by Marc Tanner

CD          AUS   Mushroom TVD93324/RMD53324
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32052.2

Decade 1983-1993                        1993   14

CD          AUS   Mushroom D24528
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32050.2

MC          AUS   Mushroom C24528

Dancing On The Grave Of Rock 'n' Roll   1994   13   Produced by Mark Gable and Ian Hulme

CD          AUS   Ravenswood RV-1009
            AUS   Big Bad Music BOYS03 (re-issue 2004)

Yo-Yo                                   1996   13   Produced by Peter Blyton and Choirboys

CD          AUS   Camouflage/TWA CAMD202 (with bonus disc "Dancing On The Grave of Rock 'n' Roll")
            AUS   Big Bad Music BOYS02 (re-issue 2004)

Evolver                                 2004   10   Produced by Mark Gable and Ian Hulme

CD          AUS   Big Bad Music BOYS01

Big Bad Acoustic                        2006   16

CD          AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0872

Contribution to album

Mushroom 25 Live   1998


Carr Brad (g) 1979-1987 The Party Boys
Coleman Richard (d) 1997-present
Gable Mark (v) 1979-present ---
Ghiselli Johnny (g) 2001-present
Hulme Ian (b) 1979-present Kno Matter
Lara Richard (g) 1995-1999 The Screaming Jets, Belt
Le Rhodes Tony (d) 1996-1997 ---
Price Barton (d) 1995
Spencer Bob (g) 1996 Finch, Skyhooks, Mystery Band, Fandango, Honeymoon, Young Lions, The Angels, Black Cat Moan, The Puppy Bashers, The Temple Gods
Tebutt Lindsay (d) 1979-1992 ---
Williams Brett (g) 1987-1992 The Brakes, Big Red
Williams Steve (g) 1994-1995 Wa Wa Nee, James Freud Band, Kontrol, The Party Boys, Mama's Darlings, Skunk

Sources of information: Michael Hopp, The Official Choirboys Website, Belt Web Site, Richard Coleman
© Magnus Holmgren
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