Citizen Band

New Zealand 1977-1981



Citizen Band           1978   12   Produced by Glyn Tucker Jr. and Citizen Band

LP       AUS   Mandrill MAN 2
         NZL   CBS 001

Just Drove Thru Town   1979   11   Produced by Jay Lewis

LP       AUS   CBS SBP237349

MC       AUS   CBS PC 7349

CB Bootleg             1980   10   Produced by Lance Boil

LP       AUS   CBS CSP129
         NZL   CBS CSP129

MC       AUS   CBS CSC129
         NZL   CBS CSP129

Home Tonight           1980    3

Single   NZL   CBS BA 222750

Rust In My Car         1993   16

CD       AUS   Columbia 474167-2

Contribution to album

Other Enz - Split Enz and Beyond   1999


Chunn Geoff (v,g) 1977-1981 Stillwater, Rosewood, Split Enz, Dragon
Chunn Mike (b) 1977-1980 Stillwater, Moses, Split Enz, Space Waltz, Party Boys (NZ)
Clark Greg (g) 1977-1981 Stewart and The Belmonts, Space Waltz
Eccles Brent (d) 1977-1981 Breed, Rusabarak, Stewart and The Belmonts, Space Waltz, Street Talk, Voc Pop, The Angels
Killeen Roland (b) 1980-1981 ---

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist
© Magnus Holmgren
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