Richard Clapton



Prussian Blue                 1973   10   Produced by Richard Batchens

LP       AUS   Infinity/Festival L 34956

Girls On The Avenue           1975    9   Produced by Richard Batchens

CD       AUS   Mushroom D 35508 (issued 1990)

LP       AUS   Infinity/Festival L 35508

Main Street Jive              1976    8   Produced by Richard Batchens

CD       AUS   Mushroom D 19583 (issued 1992)

LP       AUS   Infinity/Festival L 35963

Goodbye Tiger                 1977    8   Produced by Richard Batchens

CD       AUS   Mushroom D 19584 (issued 1990)

LP       AUS   Infinity/Festival L 36352

Past Hits And Previews        1978   10   Produced by Richard Batchens

LP       AUS   Infinity/Festival L 36691

Hearts On The Nightline       1979    9   Produced by Dallas Smith

LP       AUS   Interfusion/Festival L 36932

Dark Spaces                   1980    9   Produced by Richard Clapton

CD       AUS   Infinity/Festival D19587 (issued 1992)

LP       AUS   Infinity/Festival L 37331

Very Best                     1981   16

LP       AUS   Festival L 37674

The Great Escape              1982    9   Produced by Mark Opitz

LP       AUS   WEA 600106

MC       AUS   WEA M5600106

Solidarity                    1984   10   Produced by Mark Opitz, Mark Moffatt, Ricky Fataar and Tim Kramer

CD       AUS   Mushroom D 19462 (issued 1991)
         AUS   Mushroom MUSH32305.2 (re-issue)

LP       AUS   Mushroom RML 53137

MC       AUS   Mushroom RMC 53137

Glory Road                    1987   10   Produced by Jon Farriss

CD       AUS   WEA 600144-2

LP       AUS   WEA 600144-1

The Best Years of Our Lives   1989   15

CD       AUS   WEA 256582-2

LP       AUS   WEA 256582-1

MC       AUS   WEA 256582-4

Distant Thunder               1993   10   Produced by Richard Clapton

CD       AUS   Columbia 473531 2

Angeltown                     1995   11   Produced by Richard Clapton, David Nicholas and Diesel

CD       AUS   Roadshow Music 17982-2

The Definitive Anthology      1999   16

CD       AUS   WEA 3984294362 (with 7 track bonus disc)

Diamond Mine                  2004

CD       AUS   Warner

Definitive Collection         2004   16

CD       AUS   Festival

with Kevin Borich:
Spirit Of Sydney              1986

Single   AUS   Oz

Contribution to album

Highway One (Soundtrack)                     1976
The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert           1980
Rocking Australia Live                       1982
Good Vibrations                              1998
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge            2000
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge Vol. 2     2001
A Night Out - Live At The Basement           2001
All Fired Up - Lost Treasures 1970-1990      2002
A Day On The Green - Live                    2004
Triple J - Archive Series 1975               2005

with INXS:
Gimme Ted - The Ted Mulry Benefit Concerts   2003


INXS          lp   Underneath The Colours   1981
Troy Newman   cd   Gypsy Moon               1991


Darktown Strutters 1965-1967 Ross Andreasen, Mick Bradley, Will Fowler, Dennis Hunter, Ross Lamonde, Ian Peepman
Sun 1972 George Almanza, Henry Correy, Starlee Ford, Renee Geyer, Gary Norwell, Steve Phillipson, Keith Shadwick, Chris Sonnenberg, Tony Slavich
Richard Clapton Band 1975-
The Party Boys 1983

Members (Richard Clapton Band)

Ansell Tony (k) 1978 Batty Man Bump Band, The Trio
Bligh Doug (d) 19?? House Of Bricks, Galadriel, Stuart and McKay, Sebastian Hardie, Windchase, Ross Ryan, Goldrush, Slim Dusty, Sleeping Dogs, Dan Johnson Band, The Pye Dogs
Bradfield Mary (bv) 1980-1982 ---
Butler Ben (g) 1991 Renee Geyer Band, Barry Leef, Groove City Co-Op, Tania Bowra Band, 98 Degrees, Grace Knight Band, Guy Le Claire Band, Say Yes
Carr John (g) 1975 Prussian Blue, Moonstone
Clapton Richard (g,v) 1975-
Cooney Kevin (b) 1980 Moby Banana, Jesse, Leon Berger Band, Foreday Riders, The Gangsters, Imports, Slick Street
Copping Chris (k) 1980 Paramounts, Procul Harem (UK), The Stockley See Mason Band, Phil Manning Band, Post Mortem
Fields Venetta (bv) 1983-1984 The Ikettes (USA), The Blackberries (USA), Venetta's Taxi, Yu-En, Gospel Jubilee Band, John Farnham Band, The Black Sorrows
Firth Ken (b) 1975
Follington Ace (d) 1975 The Beaten Tracks, Chain, Move, R.J. Taylor, Savage Rose Blues Band, Powderhorn, The Cleves, Country Radio, Australia, Lindsay Bjerre Band, Rockwell T. James and The Rhythm Aces, Reg Ryan's Brothers, Ray Arnott Band, Chris Turner Band, All Star Band, Tin Soldiers, Hippos, Hawaiian Houserockers, Bondi Cigars
Gillard James (b) 1981 Pease Partridge Band, Western Flyer, Tremors, Broderick Smith's Big Combo, Russell Morris and The Rubes, Mondo Rock, Bob Starkie Shape Up, Tania Bowra Band, The Fargone Beauties, Parisbeat
Gorman Gunther (g) 1977
Haymes Bruce (k) 1979
Hegerty Michael (b) 1977-1979 Stars, The Loose String Band, Hot Band, Max Merritt and The Meteors, Sharon O'Neill Band, Jimmy Barnes Band
Hilbun Jim (b) 1989 The Angels, Angry Anderson Band, Gank, Bob Armstrong and The Navigators, The Fallen Angels, Divinyls
Howell Stephanie (bv) 1991-1992 Der Straza, Stephanie Howell Band
James Harvey (g) 1982,1984 Clydehouse, Sayla, Wendy Saddington Band, Mississippi, Ariel, Sherbet, The Sherbs, Marc Hunter and The Romantics, Swanee, The Party Boys, Sons of Don Lane, Mighty Oz Rock
Jehan Lindsay (g) 1989 Eurogliders, One Franc, Kontrol, Shauna Jensen Band, Raging Waters, Jenny Morris Band, The Soul Committments, Guy Le Claire Band, Matt Finish, David Adams and The Mojave Blow, Skunk
Kekel Peter (k) 1991 Swanee, Big Rock Band, Fabulous Zarsoff Brothers, Beast, Jimmy Barnes Band, The Tom Cats, died 2001.
Lorange Kirk (g) 1976-1978
Mackay John (d) 1991-1992 Castles In Spain, The Sea Monsters, Machinations, Absent Friends
Mason Glyn (g) 1977
Matthews Sherlie (v) 1983-1984 The Nightingales (USA), Orioles (USA), One World, Hi Tones, Gospel Jubilee Band, Yu-En, The Arc of Baghdad, Venetta's Taxi
Matthews Gil (d) 1983-1984 John Konrad's Kaydets, The Silhouettes, The Scorpions, The Impacts, The Clefs, Levis Smith's Clefs, John Rupert Group, Grantley Dee Band, Rain, Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs, Taurus, Chorus, Phil Manning Band, Kevin Borich Express, Morgan and Matthews, The Elks, Southern Electric, Mondo Rock, The Rondells, Cybotron, The Rondells, The Party Boys
McKelvie Red (g) 1975 Dark Ages, The Layabouts (NZ), Starving Wild Dogs, Quill, Flying Circus, Powderhorn, Johnny and The Ringworms, Lariat, Third Union Band, Kevin King Band
McLennan Dianne (bv) 1977-1979 ---
McLennan Iain (b) 1977-
Meyer Mark (d) 1980-1982 Sailor, Stylus, Moving Pictures, Wild Colonial Boys, Chasin' The Train, Tania Bowra Band, Divinyls, Troy Newman Band, Wendy Matthews Band, Good Vibrations (session)
Nixon Steve (d) 1976 Supercharge
Pennick Chuck (g) 1979 ---
Penson Jim (d) 1977 The Seen, Plastic Tears, Maple Lace, Blackfeather, Flake, Target, Chariot, Rockwell T. James and The Rhythm Aces, Stockade
Pierce Cleis (viola) 1977 ---
Puchala Rick (d) 1978 Glynn Mason's Loose String Band, The Rubes, Russell Morris Band, Russell Morris and The Rubes, Bobby James Syndicate
Reading Trevor (g) 1983-1984 City, The Runners, Weekend Rockstars, Brent Paralane Band, Sweethearts, Bobby Valentine and The Sweethearts, Russell Morris Band
Russo Cos (k) 1982 Sailor, Swanee
Sheehan Greg (d) 1977 Blackfeather, Mackenzie Theory, Theory, Starving Dogs, The Bad Companions, Leon Berger Band, Boy Rocking, Summerhaze, Jackie Orszaczky and The Godmothers, Coolangubra
Slavich Tony (k) 1975-1976,1983-1984 Sun, Ariel, Instant Replay, The Heaters, Goldrush, Mondo Rock, Phil Emmanuel Band, Apollo Bay, Ian Stevens Band
Sowerby Steve (d) 1989-1992 Naturals, Eurogliders, Shauna Jensen Band, 93-D, Red Not Blue, The Zappas, Skunk, David Adams and The Mojave Blow
Thompson Graham (b) 1983-1984,1991-1992
Tolhurst Kerryn (g) 1980-1981
Wilson Jamie (g) 1992 Hot Cargo, Jimmy Barnes tour

Sources of information: Peer Meyer, Gary Bouchard
© Magnus Holmgren
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