Cleopatra Wong

Sydney 1991-1992



Egg                  1992    6   Produced by Mark Moffatt

Mini-CD   AUS   rooArt 903 1772962

Cleopatra's Lament   1993    5

Mini-CD   AUS   rooArt


Brown Amanda (v,viol,oboe,mand,g) 1991-1992
Morrison Lindy (d,perc) 1991-1992 Silent Figures, Shrew, Xero/Zero, The Go-Betweens, The Four Gods, Tuff Monks, Deep Blue Sea

Armiger Michael (b) 1992
Bloxsom Colin (g) 1992 Pop Rivets, F.X., The Repairs, John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong, The Sparklers, The Criers, Deep Blue Sea, Moondog
Moffatt Mark (g,pd st) 1992

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