Tony Cohen



Supernaut                                lp     Supernaut                       1976
The Ferrets                              lp     Fame At Any Price               1978
Madder Lake                                     demos                           1978
Peter Lillee                                    demos                           1978
Soundtrack                                      Wildlife                        1978
Mark Gillespie                                                                  1978
Dave Warner                              ep                                     1978
Clint Small                              ep     Cracked The In Wall             1979
Boys Next Door                           lp     Door Door                       1979
James Freud                              lp     Breaking Silence                1980
Peter Lillee                             lp     Guitar Method                   1981
Little Murders                           s      She Lets Me Know                1981
The Editions                             ep     Aggression                      1981
Serious Young Insects                    s      Trouble Understanding Words     1981
Exhibit A                                s                                      1981
Zorros                                   s      Too Young                       1981
Models                                   mlp    Cut Lunch                       1981
The Birthday Party                       lp     Prayers 0n Fire                 1981
Hunters and Collectors                   ep     World of Stone                  1981
The Go-Betweens                          s      Hammer The Hammer               1982
The Birthday Party                       lp     Junkyard                        1982
Tuff Monks                               s      After The Fireworks             1982
Pel Mel                                  lp     Persuasion                      1983
Sacred Cowboys                           mlp    Sacred Cowboys                  1983
The Moodists                             mlp    Engine Shudder                  1983
The Reels                                mlp    Pitt Street Farmers             1983
The Birthday Party                       ep     The Bad Seed                    1983
The Birthday Party                       ep     Mutiny!                         1983
The Spaniards                            s      God Is A Shield                 1984
Pel Mel                                  lp     O.D.R.                          1984
Allniters                                12"                                    1984
The Beasts of Bourbon                    lp     The Axeman's Jazz               1984
Corpsegrinders                           mlp    Corpsegrinders                  1984
Olympic Sideburns                        s      13th Floor                      1984
Sea Monsters                             lp     Winter Sun                      1985
Sacred Cowboys                           lp     We Love You... Of Course We Do  1985
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds              lp     Your Funeral - My Trial         1986
Crime and The City Solution              lp     Room Of Lights                  1986
Wild Pumpkins At Midnight                mlp    Wild Pumpkins At Midnight       1987
Michael Hutchence                        s      Rooms For The Memory            1987
Bohdan X                                 mlp    Kingsnake                       1988
Phil Shöenfelt                           12"    Charlotte's Room                1988
Sacred Cowboys                           lp     Trouble From Providence         1988
The Beasts of Bourbon                    cd     The Low Road                    1991
The Cruel Sea                            cd     This Is Not The Way Home        1991
Falling Joys                             cd     Psychohum                       1992
Mixed Relations                          cdep   T.I.O.L.I.                      1992
Kim Salmon and The Surrealists           cd     Sin Factory                     1993
Mixed Relations                          cd     Love                            1993
The Cruel Sea                            cd     The Honeymoon Is Over           1993
Wild Pumpkins At Midnight                cdep   Sick                            1993
Tiddas                                   cd     Sing About Life                 1993
Working Class Ringoes                    cd     Queenstone                      1993
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds              cd     Let Love In                     1994
Stickyback Monkey                        cdep   Untitled                        1994
Dave Graney and The Choral Snakes        cd     You Wanna Be There...           1994
Powderfinger                             cd     Parables For Wooden Ears        1994
The Stiff Kittens                        cdep   Fatboy                          1994
Ratcat                                   cdep   Rain                            1994
Kim Salmon and The Surrealists           cd     Kim Salmon and The Surrealists  1995
The Cruel Sea                            cd     Three Legged Dog                1995
Plums                                    cdep   Heavenly                        1995
Various                                  cd     Fusebox                         1995
Maurice Frawley & Working Class Ringos   cd     Livin' Lazy                     1995
Hoodoo Gurus/Masters Apprentices         cds    Turn Up Your Radio              1995
Dave Graney and The Choral Snakes        cd     Night Of The Wolverine          1995
The Blackeyed Susans                     cd     Mouth To Mouth                  1995
Mick Harvey                              cd     Intoxicated Man                 1995
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds              cd     Murder Ballads                  1996
The Jaynes                               cd     Shop Front Windows              1996
Hugo Race and The True Spirit            cd     Valley of Light                 1996
Delicatessen                             cd     Hustle Into Bed                 1996
Wild Pumpkins At Midnight                cd     Sad Trees                       1996
Wild Pumpkins At Midnight                cd     The Secret of The Sad Tree      1997
Frenzal Rhomb                            cd     Not So Tough Now                1997
Horsehead                                cdep   Crinkles                        1997
Astrid Munday                            cd     Astrid Munday                   1998
Working Class Ringoes                    cd                                     1998
Felicity Hunter                          cds                                    1998
Don Walker                               track  Highway Fever                   1998
Tex Perkins                              cd     Dark Horses                     2000
Astrid Munday                            cd     Apparition                      2000
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds              cd     No More Shall We Part           2001
Rosie Westbrook                          cd     Wave                            2002
Chucky Monroes                           cd     Fallen Angel                    2003
Astrid Munday                            cd     Sunshine & Promises             2006
Jesus Volt                               cd     In Stereo                       2006

Sources of information: Tony Cohen, Volker Regner, Big Smoke Management
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