The Coloured Balls

Melbourne 1972-1974



Liberate Rock                      1972    2

Single      AUS   Havoc

Mr Mean Mouth                      1973    2

Single      AUS   Havoc

Mess Of The Blues                  1973    2   Produced by Ian Miller

Single      AUS   EMI 10297 (no PS)

Ball Power                         1973    9   Produced by Ian Miller

LP          AUS   EMI

Heavy Metal Kid                    1974   ??   Produced by Ian Miller

LP          AUS   EMI

The First Supper Last              1976

LP          AUS   Rainbird

Lobby Loyde & The Coloured Balls   1997   14

Double-CD   AUS

with Billy Thorpe and Leo De Castro:
Summer Jam                         1973    3

LP          AUS

Contribution to album

Sunbury - Highlights of 1973 and 1974   200?


Fordham Andrew (g,v) 197? ---
Loyde Lobby (g,v) 1972-1974
Miglans John (b) 1972-1974 Southern Electric
Millar Bobsy (g) 197? Full Boar
Miller Ian (g,v) 197? Basin Street Blues Band, Langford Lever, Chetarca, Wild Beaver Band, John Paul Young and The All Stars, Cheetah, Flash and The Pan, All Star Band
White Peter (d) 197? ---
Young Trevor (d) 1975 Blackfeather, Buster Brown, Fingerprint, Full Boar, Hoochie Coochie Boys, Dirt, Clawed Rains, The Green Lights
Jeff (d) 197?

Sources of information: Jonathan Sturm, Dave Wilson
© Magnus Holmgren
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