Steve Connolly



And The Usual Suspects   1996?   10   Produced by Steve Connolly and Tim Millikan

CD   AUS   N/A


Archie Roach    cd   Charcoal Lane     1990
Mary Jo Starr   cd   Too Many Movies   1990
Kev Carmody     cd   Eulogy            1991

Session musician

Paul Kelly      lp   Post            1985
The Zimmermen   lp   River Of Corn   1986
Greg Williams   lp   Here And Now    1990
Sherry Rich


Cuban Heels 1979-1981 Brian Allamby, Chris Hunter, Spencer P. Jones, Graham Lewis, Ian, Chris
Rare Things 1981-1982 Chris Hunter, Steve Watson, Neil Wyatt
Sex Flintstones 1982
Yo Rinnie
The Zimmermen 1983-1984
Paul Kelly Band 1984
Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls/The Messengers 1985-1988,1989-1991
Da Brudders 198? Michael Barclay, Richard Burgman, Bruce McDonald, Tony Robertson
The Joeys 1987 Michael Barclay, Richard Burgman, Phil Hall, Bruce McDonald, Tony Robertson
Mary Jo Starr's Drive In Motel 1990
Love and Squalor 1991 John Edwards, Archie Larizza, Steve Lucas, Xanthe
Sqeeze Box Wally 1992 Arch Cuthbertson, Peter Lawler, Mark Wallace
died 1995.

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