Wayne Connolly



Billy Baxter                        cd      Holler                        1991
The Benedicts                       cd      Hoon                          1991
Custard                             cdep    Gastanked                     1992
Splash                              cdep    Pendulum                      1992
Underground Lovers                  cd      Leaves Me Blind               1992
Underground Lovers                  cdep    Promenade                     1993
The Fauves                          cd      The Young Need Discipline     1994
Died Pretty                         cd      Sold                          1995
Died Pretty                         cdep    Deeper                        1996
The Fauves                          cd      Future Spa                    1996
Grant McLennan                      cd      In Your Bright Ray            1997
Jericho                             cdep    Radio City                    1997
The Fauves                          cd      Lazy Highways                 1998
Died Pretty                         cd      Using My Gills as a Roadmap   1998
Billy Baxter                        track   Close To You                  1998
Icecream Hands                      cd      Sweeter Than The Radio        1999
P76                                 cdep    Life In General...            1999
Died Pretty                         cd      Everyday Dream                2000
Died Pretty                         cds     My Generation Landslide       2002
The New Christs                     cd      We Got This!                  2002
David McCormack and The Polaroids   cd      The Truth About Love          2004
Sarah Blasko                        song    Flame Trees                   2005
The Vines                           cd      Vision Valley                 2006
Jim Moginie                         cd      Alas Folkloric                2006

Session musician

Penny Flanagan   cd      Bravado          1994
Billy Baxter     track   Close To You     1998
Jim Moginie      cd      Alas Folkloric   2006


John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong 1986-
Club Veg 1989 Vic Davies, Dieter Kleeman, Malcolm Lees, John Parsons, Stephen Quinn
Welcome Mat 1991 Pete Bennets, Cory Messenger, Dave Moss, Leo Mullins
The Benedicts 1991 Tim Hagen, Ben Mullins, Leo Mullins
Knievel 199?-present Tracy Ellis, Nick Kennedy

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