Deborah Conway



Feel Like Makin' Love            1990    2   Produced by Scott Cutler

Single      UK    Virgin

String Of Pearls                 1991   12   Produced by Richard Pleasence, Joe Hardy and Michael Den Elzen

CD          AUS   Mushroom D30601 (first pressing foldout Digipak)
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32078.2

MC          AUS   Mushroom C30601

Bitch Epic                       1993   12   Produced by Jim Rondinelli and Willie Zygier

CD          AUS   Mushroom TVD93386 (RMD53386)
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32079.2

MC          AUS   Mushroom

Epic Theatre                     1994    8   Produced by Willie Zygier

Mini-CD     AUS   Mushroom TVD93416 (Released as a double CD pack with "Bitch Epic")

My Third Husband                 1997   10   Produced by Dave Anderson

CD          AUS   Mushroom MUSH33055.2

Happy New Year                   1999    3   Produced by Richard Pleasance

CD-Single   AUS   Pulp 0002

Exquisite Stereo                 2000   12

CD          AUS   Shock SHOCK0399

PC                               2001   10   Produced by Willie Zygier and Cameron Reynolds

CD          AUS   Another Intercorps/Sound Vault SV40289

Only The Bones                   2002   18

CD          AUS   FMR 335282
            AUS   Festival 337702 (re-issue 2004, entitled "Definitive Collection")

Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier:
Summertown                       2004   12   Produced by Deborah Conway, Willy Zygier and Gerry Hale

CD          AUS   Another Intercorps INTERCORPS001

Contribution to album

Triple J Live At The Wireless 2   1992
Tram Tracks                       1992
Triple M Cordless                 1993
Seven Deadly Sins (Soundtrack)    1993
Mushroom 25 Live                  1998
Timelines                         1998
Liberdade - Viva East Timor       1999
Olympic Record                    2000
The Spirit of Christmas 2000      2000
The Women At The Well             2002

Session musician

Soundtrack                                  Sweet and Sour                 1984
The Sea Monsters                      s     City of Funk                   1985
James Griffin and The Subterraneans   lp    Cure For Snakebite             1986
Pete Townshend                        lp    The Iron Man                   1989
Richard Pleasance                     cd    Galleon                        1991
Andrew Pendlebury                     cd    Don't Hold Back That Feeling   1992
Jimmy Barnes                          cd    Flesh And Wood                 1993
Kate Ceberano                         cd    Kate Ceberano and Friends      1994
Jimmy Little                          cd    Resonate                       2001


The Benders 1980-1981 Neville Aresca, Les Barker, Dorland Bray, John Campbell, Daniel Solowiej, Greg Thomas
Do Ré Mi 1981-1988
Critics Corner 1985 Dorland Bray
The Rock Party 1986
The Drawcards 1990 Vika and Linda, Stephen Cummings, Dror Erez, Tim Finn, Ross Hannaford, Peter Jones, Shane O'Mara, Chris Wilson
Rose Amongst Thorns 1990-1991 Dror Erez, Paul Hester, Chris Wilson, Peter Jones
Deborah Conway and The Mothers of Pearl 1991
Ultrasound 1995
Deborah Conway and City Of Women 2000
Always... Patsy Cline (stageshow) 2001

Members (Deborah Conway and The Mothers of Pearl)

Harding Alan (k) 1991 Triple Peaks
Jones Peter (d) 1991
McDonald Bill (b) 1991
Zygier Willie (g) 1991

Members (Deborah Conway and City Of Women

Ammendola Edmond (b) 2000- Augie March
Conway Deborah (v,g) 2000-
Reynolds Cameron (k) 2000-
Williams Dave (d) 2000- Augie March
Zygier Willie (g) 2000-

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