Chris Coyne


Session musician

Boys Next Door                      lp   Door Door                 1979
Brent Parlane                       lp   Come On You Guys
Fred Cass and The Cassettes         ep   Merry Christmas           1981
Paul Kelly                          lp   Post                      1985
Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls   lp   Gossip                    1986
Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls   lp   Under The Sun             1987
Joe Geia                            lp   Yil Lull                  1988
Sacred Cowboys                      lp   Trouble From Providence   1988


Matchbox 1976
The Matchbox Band 1979
Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band 1979
Nighthawks 1980-1982,1983 Wayne Burt, Jane Clifton, Stephen Ewart, Paul Hitchins, Doug Kelly, Sam Linton-Smith, Doug McDonald, Neil Macpherson, Peter Martin, Peter Mulheisen, Chris Pascoe, Steve Williams
Go Wild In French 1983 Stephen Ewart, Paul Gadsby, Vivienne Gay, Pierre Jacquinot, Margot McDonald, Penny Metcalfe, Gabriel Murphy, Yasmin Shoobridge, Ian Stephen, Pickles
Paul Kelly Band 1983-1984
Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls 1985
Black Coffee (And The Beans) 1985 Rebecca Barnard, John Betros, Barry Deenik, Stephen Ewart, Tony Holomby, Des McKenna, Chris Pascoe, Sherine, Zan
Prince Nayh and The Slaves of Sin 1985-1986 Koori Brother William, John Petros, Peter Camm, Rob Dixon, Stephen Ewart, Joe Geia, Steve Hewitt, Barry Denik, Des McKenna
Blue Ruin 1986
The Escalators 1987-1988 Jeff Hassle, Lawrence Ricks, Marnie Sheehan, Maria Tipuna
Kia Kaha 1988
Inspector Tuppence (Spain)
Otis Grand (England)
Los Stompers (Spain)
The Swingles (Spain)

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