Joe Creighton



Holy Well       1992

CD   AUS   Innisfree

Falling Again   2002

CD   AUS   New World Music

Contribution to album

Lullaby and Goodnight   1996


Ross Wilson   cd   Go Bongo Go Wild!   2001

Session musician

Soundtrack                          lp     Oz                                  1976
Mark Gillespie                      lp     Only Human                          1980
Criston Barker                      lp     Side By Side                        1983
Jonathan Coleman                    mlp    Polka Project                       1984
Jane Conway                         s      Temptation                          1984
Pat Wilson                          mlp    Strong Love                         1984
Jo Jo Zep                           s      Shape I'm In                        1984
Pseudo Echo                         lp     Love an Adventure                   1985
Australian Crawl                    lp     Between a Rock and a Hard Place     1985
Man Friday                          mlp    Man Friday                          1986
Dave Evans and Thunder Down Under   lp     Dave Evans and Thunder Down Under   1986
Hunters and Collectors              lp     What's a Few Men?                   1987
Sharon O'Neill                      lp     Danced In The Fire                  1987
The Manikins                        lp     The Manikins                        1987
Wendy Matthews and Kate Ceberano    lp     You've Always Got The Blues         1988
John Farnham                        lp     Age of Reason                       1988
The Black Sorrows                   lp     Hold On To Me                       1988
Tania Bowra                         lp     Heaven And Earth                    1989
Go 101                              lp     Tempting Fate                       1989
Joe Camilleri                       s      Angel Dove                          1989
Greg Champion                       cd     Greg Champion                       1990
Marc Hunter                         cd     Night And Day                       1990
The Black Sorrows                   cd     Harley & Rose                       1990
John Farnham                        cd     Chain Reaction                      1991
Among Thieves                       cdep   Faith In Love                       1991
Jenny Morris                        cd     Honeychild                          1991
Mark Gillespie                      cd     Flame                               1992
Soundtrack                                 Rocky Horror                        1992
The Black Sorrows                   cd     Better Times                        1992
Various                             cd     The Spirit of Christmas 1993        1993
Colin Hay                           cd     Topanga                             1994
The Black Sorrows                   cd     Lucky Charm                         1994
Various                             cd     Native Tongue - Loudspeaker         1996
Various                             cd     The Spirit of Christmas 1996        1996
Floyd Vincent and The Childbrides   cd     Last Exit Motel                     1997
Farnham/Newton-John/Warlow          cd     Highlights From The Main Event      1998
The Black Sorrows                   cd     Beat Club                           1998
Various                             cd     The Spirit of Christmas 1999        1999
John Farnham                        cd     33 1/3                              2000
Various                             cd     The Spirit of Christmas 2000        2000
Kerri Simpson                       cd     Vodou Songs of the Spirits          2001
Monique Brumby                      cd     Signal Hill                         2002
Olivia Newton John                  cd     Duets                               200?
Lee Kernaghan                       cd     Electric Rodeo                      200?
Tanya Kernaghan                     cd     Big Country                         200?
The Black Sorrows           cd     One Mo' Time                        2004


The A-Side (UK) 1965-1966
Melissa 1969 Rick Barrett, Glen Farley, Ken Frazier, Bob Gunn, Ken Hanley, Chris Keystone, Glen Manion, Wally Sparke
Dolls House (Ireland) 1970
Osamu Kitajima (Japan) 1972
Rhythm 'n Bliss/Band of Angels 1974-1975 Chris Dunn, Kim Field, Lindsay Field, Trevor Wilson
Jim Keays Band 1974-1975
Billy T 1976-1977 James Cendrillon, Greg Cooke, Ross Hannaford, Mick Holden, Geoff Maling, Neal McPherson, Shirley Read, Russell Smith
One Foundation 1979-1981 Geoff Bridgeford, Kim Field, Lindsay Field, Ross Hannaford
Mark Gillespie Band 1979 Steven Cooney, Trevor Courtney, Mark Gillespie, Pat L'Nane, Gay L'Nane, Dougie McDonald, Mick O'Connor, Broderick Smith, Stewart Watson
Jo Jo Zep Band 1982
One World 1984 John Crosby, Ross Hannaford, Shirley Mathews, Alex Pertout, Gerry Speiser
Reggae Jam 1984 Ross Hannaford, Doug McDonald
The Black Sorrows 1985
Gospel Jubilee 1986 Venetta Fields, Joanne Campbell, Chong Lim, Shirlie Mathews, Fellon Williams
Yu-En 1986 Joanne Campbell, Russell Coleman, Venetta Fields, Ross Hannaford, David Hirschfelder, Chong Lim, Shirley Matthews, Derek Pellici
Venetta's Taxi 1986 Venetta Fields
Ian Moss Band 1987
Joe Creighton Band 1987,1992-
John Farnham Band 1988-
Mark Gillespie Band 1989 Lisa Bade, Angus Burchall, Mark Gillespie, Ross Hannaford
King Tut 1989-1990 Angus Burchall, Mark Dennison, Brett Garsed, The Brasstards
The Delta Revelators/The Revelators 1989-present
The Well 1990 Jeremy Alsop, Angus Burchall, Mary Doumany, Lindsay Field, Alex Pertout
Bad Boy Johnny and The Prophets of Doom 1990 Paul Burton, Peter Crosbie, Lindsay Field, Cary Nottingham
Mark Gillespie Band 1991-1992 Angus Burchall, James Black, Mark Gillespie, Ross Hannaford, Alex Pertout, John Watson
Mark Gillespie Trio 1992 Mark Gillespie, John Watson
Goanna 19??
Ornament 2003-
Tootsweet 2005 Alessandro Baudo, Eric McCusker, Jake Mason

Tim Finn tour
Sharon O'Neill tour
Kate Ceberano tour

Members (Joe Creighton Band)

Campbell David (v) 1993 --
Clarke Travis (b) 1992 --
Creighton Joe (v) 1987,1992-
Floyd Tony (d) 1987
Gildae Paul (g?) 1987 Johnny Said So, James Blundell Band, Little Black Book, James Reyne Band
Hadley Stephen (b) 1987
Jones Peter (g) 1992 Mackenzie Theory, Mick Rodgers and Eclipse, Arena, Linda Cable and The Local Heroes, Christine Sullivan Quintet
Laffy Peter (g) 1993 Fox, Freeway, Jim Keays' Southern Cross, Mondo Rock, Hot Club, Nellie Packer Band, Christie Allen Band, Big Kombi, Mick Pealing and The Ideals, The Ryans, A Ring Of Truth, The Roofcats, King Bees, Joe Creighton Band
Morgan Anton (bv) 1992 --
O'Connor Mick (org) 1992
O'Mara Shane (g) 1992
Pereira Ray (perc) 1992 Red Hot Peppers, Jo Jo Zep Band, Man Friday, Jo Blow, A Latin Kiss, Vamos a La Gig, Vince Jones Band, Dianna Kiss, Paul Kelly Band
Uluave James (bv) 1992 Naked City, Get Off The Cat, 12 Bars From Mars, W.J.A.Z.
Wilson David (k,bv) 1992 Hue and Cry, Go 101, Baby Loves to Cha Cha, Gotta Whole Lotta Flair, Jive Dive Band, Cool Tempo, Adore

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