Crime and The City Solution

Sydney 1977-1978
Melbourne 1979
Berlin/London 1984-1991



The Dangling Man               1985    4

EP        AUS   Possum
          UK    Mute 12 Mute 36

Just South Of Heaven           1985    6

Mini-LP   UK    Mute STUMM 22

The Kentucky Klick/Adventure   1986    3

EP        UK    Mute 12 Mute 46

Room Of Lights                 1986    8   Produced by Crime and The City Solution, Flood and Tony Cohen

CD        UK    Mute CDSTUMM 36 (6 bonus tracks)

LP        UK    Mute STUMM 36


LP        AUS   Rampant

Shine                          1988    7

CD        UK    Mute CDSTUMM 59 (2 bonus tracks)

LP        AUS   Rampant
          UK    Mute STUMM 59

The Bride Ship                 1989    8

CD        UK    Mute CDSTUMM 65 (2 bonus tracks)

LP        AUS   Rampant
          UK    Mute STUMM 65

MC        UK    Mute STUMM 65

Paradise Discotheque           1990    9   Produced by Crime and The City Solution

CD        UK    Mute CDSTUMM 78

LP        UK    Mute STUMM 78

MC        UK    Mute STUMM 78

The Adversary Live             1993   12   Produced by Crime and The City Solution

CD        UK    Mute CDSTUMM 110

LP        UK    Mute STUMM 110


Bonney Simon (v) 1977-1978,1979,1984-1991

Adams Bronwyn (viol,bv) 1986-1991
Astley Chris (k) 1979 Delis
Beissel Kim (sax) 1979 Tch Tch Tch, Hot Half Hour, The Connotations, The Whites
Haas Christo (g,k) 1987-1991 DAF, Liaisons Dangereuses
Harvey Mick (d,k,b) 1984-1991
Hacke Alexander (g) 1987-1991 Einstürzende Neubauten
Howard Harry (b) 1984-1986 These Immortal Souls
Howard Rowland S. (g,bv) 1984-1986
Kitchener Phil (b) 1977-1978 ---
MacKinnon Dave (sax) 1977-1978 ---
McLennan Don (d) 1977-1978,1979 Particles
Murphy John (d) 1978 The The (UK), Gene Loves Jezebel (UK), Orchestra Of Skin and Bone, The Wreckery, Max Q, Louis Tillett and His Cast of Aspersions
O'Meara Lindsay (b) 1979 ---
Soundtracks Epic (d) 1985-1986 Swell Maps (UK), Red Crayola (UK), These Immortal Souls. died 1997
Stern Thomas (b) 1987-1991 ---
Wallace-Crabbe Dan (g) 1979 Love, Laughing Clowns, Ruby My Dear, Silk and The Slatterns, Blow
Zantey Harry (g) 1977-1978 Carnival Of Souls, Hugo Klang, Melt

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