Noel Crombie



My Voice Keeps Changing 0n Me   1983    2

Single   AUS   Mushroom K9000

Contribution to album

Other Enz - Split Enz and Beyond   1999

Session musician

Citizen Band            lp      Just Drove Thru Town   1979
Brainwaves              12"     Brainwaves             1986
Mimori and Sotoma       cd      Hope                   1990
Phil Judd               lp      Death In Brunswick     1991
Various                 cd      ENZSO                  1996
Various                 cd      ENZSO 2                1998
Largest Living Things   track   My Time Is Now         1999


Split Enz 1974-1984
The Slaughtermen 1986 (temp)
Schnell Fenster 1986-1992
Noel's Cowards 1988

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist
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