Crown Of Thorns

Melbourne 1987-1996



Gnawing on the Bones of Elvis   1988    5   Produced by Crown of Thorns

Mini-CD     AUS   Max CD Max 001

Mini-LP     AUS   Crawdaddy

Carnival                        1989   11   Produced by Chris Wilson, Barb Waters and Chris Thompson

CD          AUS   Max CD Max 002

LP          AUS   Crawdaddy

Showbusiness                    1990   17

CD          AUS   Max CD Max 004

Babylon                         1990   10   Produced by Chris Thompson, Chris Wilson and Barb Waters

CD          AUS   Crawdaddy
            AUS   Max CD Max 005 (re-issue)


Wilson Chris (v,harm,g) 1987-1996

Brady Justin (viol) 1988 Blues On The Boil, Connection, Bob Sedergreen Band, The Real McCoys, Respect, Swinging Sidewalks, Man Friday, Things Of Stone And Wood
Davies Ashley (d) 1989
Erez Dror (p) 1991 Identities, Chris Bailey Combo, The Drawcards, Rose Amongst Thorns, Sherine, The Saints, Blackmale, Vika Bull Band
Howard Jack (trump) 1991
Jones Peter (d) 1988-1989,1991
Lee Graham (pd st) 1991
Luscombe Peter (d) 1991-1992
O'Mara Shane (g) 1992
Palmer Barry (g) 1987-
Pendlebury Andrew (g) 1996
Rodgers Chris (b,fiddle) 1987- Winklepickers, Strange Tenants, Blue Beat Allstars
Tabone Chris (d) 1996 FX, Major Minor, Stealers, Mick Pealing and The Method, The Badloves, Kutcha Edwards and Band
Waters Barb (g,bv,mand) 1988-

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