The Cruel Sea

Sydney 1987-present



Down Below                                       1989    9   Produced by Phil Punch and The Cruel Sea

CD          AUS   Red Eye REDCD19 (issued 1990, 2 extra tracks)

LP          AUS   Red Eye REDEP7
            AUS   Red Eye REDLP19 (re-issue 1990, 2 extra tracks)

MC          AUS   Red Eye (issued 1990, 2 extra tracks)

This Is Not The Way Home                         1991   12   Produced by Tony Cohen and The Cruel Sea

CD          AUS   Red Eye REDCD25 (limited edition digipak cover)
            AUS   Red Eye REDCD25

LP          AUS   Red Eye (different cover)

MC          AUS   Red Eye

The Honeymoon Is Over                            1993   13   Produced by Tony Cohen, The Cruel Sea and Mick Harvey

CD          AUS   Red Eye REDCD35
            GER   Polydor 514 870-2

MC          AUS   Red Eye

Three Legged Dog                                 1995   15   Produced by Tony Cohen and Paul McKercher with The Cruel Sea

CD          AUS   Red Eye REDCD50 (limited edition of 20000 with bonus 6-track cd)
            GER   Polydor 527 537-2
            JAP   (different cover)

MC          AUS   Red Eye

Rock'n Roll Duds                                 1995   16

CD          AUS   Red Eye/Polydor 529500-2

MC          AUS   Red Eye/Polydor 529500-4

The Honeymoon Is Over/This Is Not The Way Home   1997

Double-CD   AUS   Red Eye/Polydor

Over Easy                                        1998   13   Produced by Daniel Denholm, Phil McKellar, The Cruel Sea and Paul McKercher

CD          AUS   Polydor 557174-2 (initial copies with t-shirt)

The Most                                         1999   22

CD          AUS   Universal
            BRA   Tronador Music TMSS26 (issued 2003?, 20 tracks)

Where There's Smoke                              2001   14   Produced by Magoo and The Cruel Sea

CD          AUS   Universal 0147962

We Don't Work We Play Music                      2002   17

CD          AUS   Universal 0647922 (comes with 12-track live bonus disc)

Contribution to album

Into The Red                               1992
Triple J Live At The Wireless 2            1992
Used And Recorded By                       1995
The Big Backyard                           1995
Triple J Live                              1996
Liberdade - Viva East Timor                1999
Cold - Live At The Chapel                  1999
Corroboration                              2001
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge Vol. 2   2001
The Spirit of Christmas 2001               2001
Triple J - Studio 22                       2002
Triple M Musical Challenge Vol. 3          2002


Corben Gerard (g) 1989-1990 The Things, Most, Lime Spiders, Adolphus, The Sparklers, Perfect Cousins
Cruickshank James (k,g,bv) 1990-present The Widdershins, Neil Murray and The Rainmakers, The Blackeyed Susans, The Cruel Three
Elliott Jim (d) 1987-present Dropbears, Heaven On Earth, Pigs, Sekret Sekret, Spectre's Revenge, Firm Grip, Just a Drummer, Red Ochre, Martha's Vineyard, The Blackeyed Susans, Pressed Meat and The Smallgoods
Gormley Ken (b) 1987-present Just a Drummer, Sekret Sekret, Red Ochre
Perkins Tex (v,harm,g) 1988-present
Rumour Dan (g,clavinet) 1987-present Blackrunner, Urban Guerillas, Friction, Ugly Mirrors, Bedhogs, Sekret Sekret, SPK, The Cruel Three
Turnbull Barry (b) 1990 John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong, Spring Quartet, Chad's Tree, Widdershins, Paradise Vendors, Long Black Limousine

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