Crystal Set

Sydney 1984-1988,1989-



A Drop In The Ocean    1985    2

Single   AUS   SET 001
         AUS   Red Eye RED 4

Benefit Of The Doubt   1985    2   Produced by Steve Kilbey and Guy Gray

Single   AUS   Red Eye RED 8

From Now On            1987    9   Produced by Steve Kilbey

LP       AUS   Red Eye RED LP 3

Cluster                1988    6   Produced by Craig Hooper

EP       AUS   Red Eye RED EP 4 

Umbrella               1989   10

CD       AUS   Red Eye RED CD 9 (bonustrack, "Sea Of Misconception")
         GER   Normal/Red Eye RED CD 9 (bonustrack, "Sea Of Misconception")

LP       AUS   Red Eye RED LP 9
         EUR   RTD L5-609

Almost Pure            1991   10

CD       AUS   Polydor/Red Eye 849 199-2
         GER   Normal/Red Eye 849 199-2

LP       AUS   Red Eye RED LP 18


Blackburn Luke (b) 1989 Violet Town, Hobgobin Sextet
Hooper Craig (k,g) 198?
Kilbey Russell (b,v) 1984-1988,1989-
Maher Phil (g,v) 1984-1988,1989- Mouse, Scrotum
Moor David (k,bv) 1984-1987 The Slim Guys
Radcliffe Charles (d) 1984-1985 ---
Seckold Tim (d) 1985-1988,1989- Catchcry, The Whippersnappers, Raoul Graf and The Infidels

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