Hope Csutoros



as Helen Mountfort and Hope Csutoros with My Friend The Chocolate Cake:
Minds Eye   1997

CD   AUS   ? (only available through mail-order)

Session musician

Not Drowning Waving        cd   Tabaran                       1989
Things Of Stone And Wood   cd   Junk Theatre                  1994
Deborah Conway             cd   Epic Theatre                  1994
The Badloves               cd   Everybody Everywhere          1997
Midnight Oil               cd   Redneck Wonderland            1998
David Bridie               cd   Act Of Free Choice            2000
Mark Seymour               cd   One Eyed Man                  2001
The Go-Betweens            cd   Bright Yellow Bright Orange   2003


My Friend The Chocolate Cake 1990-present
Cosmo Cosmolino 200? Helen Mountfort, Andrea Keeble, Judy Gunson, Dan Witton

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