Curious (Yellow)

Sydney 1988-1991



I Am Curious       1988    5   Produced by Steve Kilbey

EP   AUS   Red Eye RED EP 1 (yellow vinyl)

Charms And Blues   1990   10   Produced by Curious (Yellow) and Steve Kilbey

CD   AUS   Polydor/Red Eye 843 962-2/RED CD 13 (bonustrack, "Down The Wishingwell")
     SWE   Polydor 843 962-2 (bonustrack, "Down The Wishingwell")

LP   AUS   Polydor/Red Eye 843 962-1/RED LP 13 (blue vinyl)


Jansson Karin (v,k,g) 1988-1991 Pink Champagne (Sweden)
Kilbey Steve (k,programming,g,bv) 1988-1991

Bowman Jim (g) 1991 The Yard Goes On Forever, Floyd Vincent and The Childbrides, Damien Lovelock's Wigworld, The Wine Stained Cowboys
Dawson Mark (d) 1991 The Apartments, The Aints, The Blackeyed Susans, Pressed Meat and The Smallgoods
Hall Phil (b) 1988 Socket Set, Sardine v, Drop Bears, The Joeys, Lime Spiders, Roddy Rayda and The Surfin' Caesars, Grapefruit
Knapp Michael (d) 1988 Spats, Tigers, Dropbears
Price Barton (d) 1988
White Lester (b) 19?? Subterraneans

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