1989 Australian Rocks

CD   AUT   CBS 463287 2   1989

LP   HOL   CBS 463287 1   1989

The Black Sorrows Mercenary Heart              Hold On To Me 1988
Noiseworks Touch                               Touch 1988
Eurogliders Groove (Extended Mix)              Groove 1988
Daryl Braithwaite All I Do                     Edge 1988
Eurogliders Listen                             Groove 1988
Noiseworks Simple Man                          Touch 1988
Daryl Braithwaite You Could Be Wrong           Edge 1988
The Black Sorrows Hold On To Me                Hold On To Me 1988
Wa Wa Nee Can't Control Myself                 Blush 1989
The Black Sorrows Before The Shooting Starts   Hold On To Me 1988

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