All In The Family

CD   AUS   MDS DOC8000   1994

Mr. Mariano Abrantes Oan Kiak (Poor Children) (live)         ?
Midnight Oil Kolele Mai                                      -
Frente Cuscatlan                                             Marvin The Album 1993
Third Eye Morphic Resonance                                  ?
Not Drowning, Waving Penmon                                  Circus 1993
Crowded House Skin Feeling                                   Together Alone 1993
Things of Stone and Wood Cried                               -
The Killjoys Ruby                                            Ruby 1990
Blackeyed Susans Trio Trouble                                -
Tiddas Iananay (live)                                        ?
Overnight Jones Head Over Heels                              ?
Archie Roach From Paradise                                   ?
Weddings Parties Anything Racist Friend                      -
Agio Pereira I'm Still Fighting                              ?
Afterglow Run For Your Wife                                  ?
Painters and Dockers Don't Hassle Me                         ?
Bo-Weeveils Blues For Senbei                                 ?
Cosmic Psychos Lost Cause                                    ?
Nicola Quilter and The Choir Of Faith and Hope Cry Freedom   ?
Jeannie Marsh and Michael Harvey Quito                       ?

Compilation in aid of East Timorese school students

Sources of information: Weddings Parties Anything Discography by Gordon Clarke [Last updated 2 February 1998]
© Magnus Holmgren
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