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CD   AUS   White
     AUS   Mushroom D19517
     AUS   Mushroom MUSH32431.2

LP   AUS   White L38989           1988
     AUS   Mushroom L19517

The Stems At First Sight                          At First Sight Violets Are Blue 1987
Weddings Parties Anything Bright Lights Tonight   Say The Word 1988 (single)
Blue Ruin Hellu'va Woman                          Flame 1987
The Sparklers Overworking                         Overworking 1986
The Everys This Town                              Everyone 1989
Crown Of Thorns Face In The Mirror                ?
The Triffids Love The Fever                       A Trick Of The Light 1988 (single)
The Nubiles Goin' To The Country                  Goin' To The Country 1988
God My Pal                                        My Pal 1988
The Church Perfect Child                          A Quick Smoke At Spots 1991
Steve Hoy Where I Come From                       Possession 1987
Gondwanaland Rainforest                           Gondwanaland 1987

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