The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert

CD          AUS   Mushroom MUSH32436.2   199?

Double-LP   AUS   Mushroom L60001/2      1980

Back Again
Pick Up The Pieces
Jive Town
Good Times
Last Of The Riverboats
Jupiter Creek
Ocean Deep
Look After Yourself
Innocent Bystanders
Wasted Words
Song For The Road
Mighty Rock
Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Produced by Malcolm Eastick
Recorded live at the Palais Theatre, Melbourne on 19th August, 1980.


Barnes Jim (v,bv)
Clapton Richard (v,bv,g)
Dowding Glyn (d,perc) Astra Kahn, Flash, Stars
Eastick Malcolm (g)
Formosa Rick (sl g,g,p) Little River Band
Geyer Renee (v,bv)
Hackett John-James (d,perc) Tidewater, Rum Jungle, Phil Manning Band, Stars, Fabulaires, Mondo Rock, Surfside 6, Hoi Polloi, Relax With Max, Rimshots, G.C.'s Eternal Struggle, Up All Night, Respect, Manic Rockers From Hell, Ross Hannaford Trio, Angel Hearts, Ramblin' Rose, Rick O'Shea's Flaming Stars, The Important Brothers
Mason Glyn (g,v,bv)
Moss Ian (v,bv,g)
O'Connor Mick (org)
Pealing Mick (v,bv,perc)
Rogers Billy (sax,bv) Flying Doctors, Last Chance Cafe, Hard Rock Cafe, Dragon, John Paul Young and The All Stars, Essentials, Jim Fisher and The Flaming Hearts, Steve Tallis Unit, Fat Sam and The Jungle Kings
Smith Broderick (v,harm)
Thompson Graham (b)
Tolhurst Kerryn (g,st g)
Walker Don (p)

Sources of information: Gary Bouchard
© Magnus Holmgren
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