Asides and Besides - The First Five Years

CD          AUS   Red Eye/Polydor RED CD 7/847 028-2   1990
            GER   Normal/Red Eye RED CD 7              1990

Double-LP   AUS   Red Eye/Polydor RED LP 7/847 028-1   1990

James Baker Experience I Can't Control Myself    I Can't Control Myself 1985
Ya Ya Choral Two Lines                           Two Lines 1989
The Crystal Set A Drop In The Ocean              A Drop In The Ocean 1985
The Beasts of Bourbon Psycho                     The Axeman's Jazz 1984
John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong King Street       King Street 1985
The Crystal Set Benefit Of The Doubt             Benefit Of The Doubt 1985
Steve Kilbey This Asphalt Eden                   This Asphalt Eden 1985
Curious (Yellow) Transparent Garden              I Am Curious 1988
The Bhagavad Guitars Just To Be Sure             Foreverglades 1988
Mexican Spitfires You Can't Run                  Lupe Velez 1988 (?)
The Cruel Sea Down Below                         Down Below 1990
The Crystal Set Don't Be Surprised               Benefit Of The Doubt 1985
The Bhagavad Guitars Awakening Earth             ?
Steve Kilbey Shell                               This Asphalt Eden 1985
John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong Run Rudolph Run   Run Rudolph Run 1986
Curious (Blue) Isabella                          -
The Crystal Set Hubble Bubble                    Wholly Holy 1987
Mexican Spitfires Sydney Town                    Lupe Velez 1988 (?)
The Tall Shirts New Neighbour                    Great Snakes It's The Tall Shirts 1988
James Baker Experience Born To Be Punched        I Can't Control Myself 1985

bonustracks on LP

Steve Kilbey Like A Ghost                        The Slow Crack 1987
The Bhagavad Guitars Thought We'd Agreed         Foreverglades 1988
The Beasts of Bourbon The Big Sleep              ?
The Beasts of Bourbon Elvis Impersonator Blues   ?

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