Australian Music Day 1992

CD   AUS   Coca Cola/Brashs COCACD92   1992

Radio Freedom Proove                         Beyond The Peach Tree 1993
Girl Overboard Your Love                     Go 1993
Tall Tales And True Watching The Wind Blow   Revenge! 1992
James Reyne Ferris Wheel                     -
Pearls and Swine No More Room In Heaven      Far King Great 1992
The Sharp Dance For Me                       Spinosity 1992
Bass Culture Love Your Life                  Love Your Life 1992
Scarlet Love Hates Stares                    Love Hates Stares 1993
Astral Project Come With Me (Tonite)         -
Clouds Say It                                Octopus 1992
Cleopatra Wong Thankyou                      Egg 1992
Images Lost In The City                      Through a Glass 1992
The Honeymen Felt Like A Kiss                Felt Like A Kiss 1992
James Blundell This Road                     This Road 1992
Shanley Del Funnel Of Love                   ?
Paul Norton When We Were Young               Let It Fly 1992
Broderick Smith Snowblind Moon               Suitcase 1992
The Lovers The River                         ?
Mark Gillespie Flame                         Flame 1992

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