Building Bridges - Australia Has a Black History

CD   AUS   ABC 846 715-2   1990

LP   AUS   CBS 463261-1    1989

Paul Kelly Special Treatment (Live)       -
Les Shillingsworth Justice Will Be Done   ?
Goanna Solid Rock                         Spirit Of Place 1982
Hunters and Collectors Breakneck Road     What's A Few Men? 1987
Joe Geia Yil Lull                         Yil Lull 1988
Midnight Oil Warakurna                    Diesel and Dust 1987
Swamp Jockeys Strychnine                  ?
Do Ré Mi That Hanging Business            The Happiest Place In Town 1988
v. Spy v. Spy Injustice                   ?
Cal Callaghan Do It Rite                  Sailors And Mermaids 1988
INXS Original Sin                         The Swing 1984
Scrap Metal Broken Down Man               Broken Down Man 1988
Dragon Speak No Evil                      Speak No Evil 1985
Crowded House Mansion In The Slums        Temple Of Low Men 1988
The Gravy Spirit Of The Land              ?
Gondwanaland Bullant                      Gondwanaland 1987
The Saints Swing For The Crime            ?
Ross Wilson Living In The Land Of Oz      Living In The Land Of Oz 1976
No Fixed Address We Have Survived         Wrong Side Of The Road 1980

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