The Crossing (Soundtrack)

CD   AUS   Regular TVD 93336 (D 53336)   1990
     EUR   Chrysalis CDP 3218262         1990
     UK    Chrysalis CCD 1826            1990

LP   AUS   Regular TVL 93336             1990
     EUR   Chrysalis 1C 064-321842 1     1990
     UK    Chrysalis CHR 1826            1990

Martin Armiger Main Titles
The Proclaimers King of the Road
Kate Ceberano Nature Boy
Crowded House She's Not There             not on EUR LP
E. Toselli Serenata                       EUR LP only
Martin Armiger Rock The Teacher           EUR LP only
Peter Blakeley For Your Love
Tin Machine Betty Wrong
Martin Armiger The Chase
The Cockroaches Here Comes That Feeling
The Chantoozies My Boyfriend's Back
Stephen Cummings Nowhere to Run
Jenni Forbes Love Letters
The Cockroaches Let's Dance
Martin Armiger Love Theme

Sources of information: Ross Clement, Matinee Idyll
© Magnus Holmgren
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