Dirty Deeds (Soundtrack)

CD   AUS   ?   2002

You Am I with Tex Perkins Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Paul Healy Titles Sequence
Grinspoon And I Heard The Fire Sing
You Am I with Bernard Fanning Trouble
Paul Healy New Flat
Palladium I'll Be Gone
You Am I with Billy Thorpe Sometimes I Just Don't Know
Dallas Crane Wild About You
Bernard Fanning and Bruce Haymes No Good Without You
Paul Healy Making Pizza
You Am I Draggin' Yer Bones
The Loved Ones Everlovin' Man
You Am I with Phil Jameson Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It
Lisa Miller, Jody Bell and Tim Rogers Washboard Rock'n'roll
Powdermonkeys Black And Blue
You Am I Calendar Eyes
Daddy Cool Bom Bom
Tim Rogers and Lisa Miller Losin' My Blues Tonight
Paul Healy Plane Leaves

Executice producer: Tim Rogers

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