Do Y'self a Favour! - The Countdown Years 1975-1979
Seventies Downunder Vol. 2

CD   AUS   Raven RVCD-35   1993

Sherbet Howzat
Skyhooks Horror Movie
Supernaut I Like It Both Ways
Marcia Hines You
Dragon Get That Jive
Ol' 55 On The Prowl
Hush Bony Maronie
Rabbit Too Much Rock'n'Roll
Ray Burgess Touch Me
Ted Mulry Gang Jump In My Car
John Paul Young I Hate The Music
Marty Rhone Denim & Lace
Mark Holden I Wanna Make You My Lady
Christie Allen Goosebumps
Little River Band Curiosity Killed The Cat
The Ferrets Don't Fall In Love
Mother Goose Baked Beans
Jim Keays A Boy From The Stars
Feather Girl Trouble
Finch Hey Spunky!
Norman Gunston Normdrum

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