Earth Music

CD   AUS   Mushroom TVD 93412 (RMD 53412)   1994

Ross Wilson with Uptown Rulers The World's Got Everything In It
Dave Steel and The Roadside Prophets Don't Change
Ed Kuepper and The Serene Machine Sad Dark Eyes
Weddings Parties Anything Saints and Kings
The Badloves Boy On The Run
The Killjoys Flame Trees
Joe Camilleri Gypsy Queen
Kate Ceberano Throw Your Arms Around Me
Diesel The Underground
Hunters and Collectors Know Your Product
Jimmy Barnes Black and Blue
Chris Bailey Not Even Close
Shane Howard and Archie Roach Nhyul Nhyul Girl
Daryl Braithwaite Golden Miles
Died Pretty Eternally Yours
The Falling Joys Over Now

Eternally Yours ... for Earth Music

CD-Single   AUS   Earth Music Trust EM101   1995

Died Pretty Eternally Yours
The Celibate Rifles Boys
Painters and Dockers The Nips Are Getting Bigger

Gypsy Queen

CD-Single   AUS                             1995

Joe Camilleri Gypsy Queen
The Church Room Full Of Diamonds

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