Triple J - Five Alive
Live At The Wireless 5

Double-CD   AUS   ABC/EMI 523 440-2   1999

Silverchair Anthem for the Year 2000 
Frenzal Rhomb You Are Not My Friend 
Stella One Eleven Hard 
Lime Puppyphat 
Ben Folds Five Brick 
Marcy Playground St. Joe On The School Bus 
Dogbuoy Mozzies 
Alex Lloyd Lucky Star 
Story Chosen 
Blue Bottle Kiss Return to the City of Folded Arms 
The Living End Prisoner Of Society 
Eskimo Joe Turn Up Your Stereo 
Dallas Crane Nylon Don't Breathe 
Ben Lee Nothing Much Happens 
iOta God's Eyes 
Underground Lovers Commonbox 
Neil Finn Sinner 
Manic Street Preachers If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next 

Primary This Is The Sound 
Powderfinger Don't Wanna Be Left Out 
Not From There Sich Offnen 
Bodyjar A Hazy Shade Of Winter 
Grinspoon Black Friday 
Muzzy Pep Purple 
Area 7 Bitter Words 
Something For Kate Hallway 
Horsehead She Fell To Earth 
Fear Factory Edge Crusher 
Resin Dogs (featuring MC Lazy Grey) Freak The Funk 
motor ace Chairman of the Board 
Testeagles Agent 99 
28 Days Kool 
Buffalo Tom Under Milkwood 
The Trims Same Things 
Hunters and Collectors Say Goodbye 

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