Glenn Shorrock - The First Twenty Years

Double-CD   AUS   EMI 7 46306 8   1996

Double-LP   AUS   EMI             1985

CD/LP 1:

The Twilights Needle In A Haystack                           The Twilights 1966
The Twilights Bad Boy                                        Bad Boy 196?
The Twilights If She Finds Out                               ?
The Twilights 9.50                                           ?
The Twilights Young Girl                                     ?
The Twilights What's Wrong With The Way I Live?              ?
The Twilights Cathy Come Home                                ?
The Twilights My Generation (live)                           Twilight Time Live 1985 (?)
Axiom Ford's Bridge                                          Fool's Gold 1970
Axiom Fool's Gold                                            Fool's Gold 1970
Axiom Arkansas Grass                                         Fool's Gold 1970
Axiom A Little Ray Of Sunshine                               Fool's Gold 1970
Axiom My Baby's Gone                                         If 0nly... 1971
Glenn Shorrock Rock 'n' Roll Lullaby                         Rock 'n' Roll Lullaby 1972
Glenn Shorrock Let's Get The Band Together                   Let's Get The Band Together 1971
Glenn Shorrock Statue Of Liberty                             -
Little River Band Seine City                                 After Hours 1976
Little River Band When Will I Be Loved?                      -

CD/LP 2:

Little River Band Cool Change                                First Under The Wire 1979
Little River Band Home On A Monday                           Diamantina Cocktail 1977
Little River Band Shut Down, Turn Off                        Sleeper Catcher 1978
Little River Band Help Is On Its Way                         Diamantina Cocktail 1977
Little River Band Man On Your Mind                           Time Exposure 1981
Little River Band Long Jumping Jeweller                      Long Jumping Jeweller 1981
Glenn Shorrock and Renee Geyer Goin' Back                    Goin' Back 1983
Glenn Shorrock and The Bushwackers We're Coming To Get You   We're Coming To Get You 1983
Glenn Shorrock Paperback Writer                              -
Glenn Shorrock Dream Lover                                   Dream Lover 1979
Glenn Shorrock Restless                                      World Safari II Soundtrack
Glenn Shorrock Don't Girls Get Lonely?                       Don't Girls Get Lonely? 1983
Glenn Shorrock Big Smoke                                     -
Glenn Shorrock Will You Stand With Me?                       Villain Of The Peace 1982
Glenn Shorrock The Duchess Is Returning                      -
Glenn Shorrock Rock'n'Roll Soldier                           Villain Of The Peace 1982

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist
© Magnus Holmgren
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