Triple J - Live and Unleashed

Double-CD   AUS   ABC   2001

Killing Heidi Mascara 
The Living End Pictures In The Mirror 
sonicanimation Pull The Trigger 
Machine Translations Brand New Day 
1200 Techniques Hard As Hell 
On Inc Am What I Am 
Denvar She's All I Had 
The Superjesus Over To You 
Matt Walker and Ashley Davies Green And Grey 
ukiyo-e Narrow Road 
Tex Perkins Can't Say No 
Area 7 Second Class Citizen 
Even Life Gets In The Way 
Gerling I Heard An Echo Of A Cobra's Bite 
george Spawn 
Kim Salmon Don't Fake It 
Registered Nurse Deutche Frauline 
The Hive Pan Animal 

Something For Kate Monsters 
Primary Not For Me 
Pre-Shrunk Hot Robots 
Resin Dogs Gimme A Break 
Pretty Violet Stain She Keeps Souvenirs 
You Am I Doug Sahm 
Big Heavy Stuff Devil's Tongue 
Acre Fourteen Fifty 
Magic Dirt Teenage Vampire 
Jebediah Skin 
The Tigers Slayerbells 
Stella One Eleven Postcard 
Frank Yamma Pitjalalawangkanyi 
The Monarchs 2001 
Gota Cola Sunshine 
David Lane Goodbye Rollercoaster 
Sodastream Fresh One 

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