Maiden Australia

LP   USA   A&M SP 4952   1983

Split Enz Next Exit                    Next Exit 1983
The Expression Nothing Changes         The Expression 1983
Mental As Anything Close Again         Creatures Of Leisure 1983
Skyhooks Women In Uniform              Guilty Until Proven Insane 1978
Runners Endlessly                      Hitting The Wall 1983
Renee Geyer Say I Love You             So Lucky 1981
Jo Jo Zep Taxi Mary                    Cha 1982
Wendy and The Rockets Security         Dazed For Days 1983
Machinations Pressure Sway             Esteem 1983
D.D. Smash Outlook For Thursday        The Optimist 1984
The Sunnyboys Discipline               Get Some Fun 1984
Hunters and Collectors Lumps Of Lead   Payload 1982

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