No Worries - An Australian Compilation

LP   AUS   Hot WORRIED 1     1984

MC   AUS   Hot WORRIED C 1   1984

Gondwanaland Project Pulse            Didgeridusynth 1983
Angie Pepper Frozen World             Frozen World 1984
The Celibate Rifles Tubular Greens    But Jacques The Fish 1982
Tuff Monks After The Fireworks        After The Fireworks 1982
Screaming Believers My Eyes           My Eyes 1984
The Triffids Left To Rot              Bad Timing and Other Stories 1983
Birthday Party Blundertown            Prayers On Fire 1981 (CD only)
Soggy Porridge How Can I Tell You     How Can I Tell You 1983
Plays With Marionettes Hellbelly      -
Lighthouse Keepers Gargoyle           Gargoyle 1983
Bring Philip Firetruck                Endoscopy 1983
Screaming Tribesmen Igloo             Igloo 1983
The Scientists The Spin               Blood Red River 1983
Laughing Clowns The Laughing Clowns   The Laughing Clowns 1980

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