Paradise Beach (Soundtrack)

CD   AUS   East West
     GER   East West 4509-93447-2   1993

Euphoria Elated                      ?
Ratcat Holiday                       Insideout 1992
Barefoot Laughing (On The Outside)   ?
The Sharp Train Of Thought           This Is The Sharp 1993
Tina Harrod Freedom                  ?
Lisa Edwards Satisfy Me              Thru The Hoop 1993
Russell Morris Under The Sun         ?
West End Girls RU Sexin' Me          ?
This Life Fantastic It's The Love    ?
Boom Crash Opera This Isn't Love     Fabulous Beast 1993
The Wolf Club 747                    ?
Jenny Morris Break In The Weather    Honeychild 1991
Golden Child We Got It Goin' On      ?
The Relic Of Mary Lou Juliette       ?
The Genes Weekend                    ?
Among Thieves Faith In Love          ?
Cat and Moose Choir Girl             ?
Maree Hawker Boy                     ?

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