Positively Elizabeth Street

CD   GER   Normal CGAS803CD     1989

LP   AUS   Citadel CITLP523     1989
     FRA   Closer CIF05/RE405   1989

Died Pretty Everybody Moves          Everybody Moves 1989
Sacred Cowboys Hell Sucks            Trouble From Providence 1988
Harem Scarem So Jealous              Lo and Behold 1989
Porcelain Bus Driver                 Talking To God 1988
The New Christs Headin' South        Headin' South 1988
The Dubrovniks Fireball Of Love      Fireball Of Love 1988
The Bamboos With Which To Love You   With Which To Love You 1987
The Moffs Touch The Ground           Labyrinth 1988
The Wreckery Good To Be Gone         Laying Down Law 1988
Louis Tillett Trip To Kalu-Ki-Bar    Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell 1987
The Plunderers Dying                 I Don't Mind 1988

bonustracks on CD

Wet Taxis Sailor's Dream             Sailor's Dream 1987

Sources of information: Divine Rites
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