Recovery - Hits From The Back Door

Double-CD   AUS   ABC 8239462   1997

Jebediah Invaders
Pangaea Boys
Effigy Small
Silverchair Freak
Shihad La La Land
Custard Anatomically Correct
Renegade Funktrain Renegade Funktrain
Dave Graney Rock 'n' Roll Is Where I Hide
Mansun Take It Easy Chiken
You Am I Janie Jones
Cordrazine Crazy
Meta Bass 'n' Breath Injured Warrior
Beaverloop Bad Acid Jazz
Bis Starbright Boy
Finiscad Coppertone
Ammonia Sleepwalking
Bad Religion Come Join Us

Spiderbait Majestic Fanfare/Who Are The Freemasons
The Mavis's Naughty Boy
Magic Dirt Sparrow
Fun-Da-Mental Bubbleman
? Effervescence
Lisa Miller Hang My Head
Front End Loader Pulse
? Fso
Moler Shopping Trolley
? Stop And Go Man
? Interloper
? Pants
Automatic Five
Fauves Don't Get Death Threats Anymore
? Winning Smile
? Superman
The Dirty Three Sue's Last Ride

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