I'm In Love...With That Song

CD   AUS   Antfarm/Tomboy Records ANT007   1999

Brad Shepherd Alex Chilton
Challenger 7 Left of the Dial
Love Me Sadly Beautiful
Blood Sucking Freaks Taking a Ride
The Pyramidiacs Kiss Me On The Bus
Michael Thomas/Nick Barker Skyway
The Celibate Rifles I Will Dare
Erbs & Pisces Replacements first single
Half Miler Here Comes a Regular
The Scruffs Can't Hardly Wait
Icecream Hands Swingin Party
Brother Brick Colour Me Impressed
Golden Rough Achin' to Be
The John Reed Club Seen Your Video
The Onyas Otto
Jack and The Beanstalk I.O.U.
DM3 RocknRoll Ghost
You Am I White and Lazy
Eva Trout Androgenous
The Finkers Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
Blue Bottle Kiss Sixteen Blue
Youth Group Favorite Thing
Rail and The Crazy Baldheads Nightclub Jitters

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