Rikky and Pete (Soundtrack)

CD   USA   CDSBL 12593      1989

LP   AUS   EMI EMX 790678   1988
     USA   SBL 12593        1989

Score Pete's Theme
Crowded House Recurring Dream
Score Rikky's Sample
Noel's Cowards Fingers Crossed
Noel's Cowards Cold Shoulder
Noel's Cowards In The Dark
Noel's Cowards Tears Of Joy
Noel's Cowards Just Like You
Noel's Cowards Hard To Believe
Score Pete's Ride
Score As Good As It Gets
Schnell Fenster Run-a-mile
Score Return To Melbourne
Blue Healers Perfect World
Score Couldn't Happen To A Nicer Guy
Keith Glass and The Honky Tonks Last Call For Love
Keith Glass and The Honky Tonks How Many More Moves
Keith Glass and The Honky Tonks Hell of a Job
Score Whitstead

Score is written, performed and produced by The Makers.

Sources of information: Crowded House/Split Enz Fan-club Discography
© Magnus Holmgren
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