Sample People (Soundtrack)

CD   AUS   Best Boy/Festival D32146   2000

Rafael May Space Theme
Sonic Animation Horror Movie
Grinspoon Take A Long Line
4 Star Don't Change
Rafael May/Matthew Wilkinson Night For A Play
Kiley Gaffney One Step Ahead
Rafael May Gangsta Beats
Russell Morris vs Josh Abrahams Sweet Sweet Love
The Mavis's Boy From The Stars
Not From There I Like It Both Ways
The Superjesus Alone With You
Rafael May/Mintu Kumar/Nisha Bhasin Aja Aja
P'nau Discone
The Whitlams Who Listens To The Radio
Custard Howzat
Rafael May/Inga Liljestrom Space Shiva
Jimmy Street Gay Sex Guru
Kylie Minogue The Real Thing

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